Terms and Conditions


The 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Wedding Warriors Tribe is so confident we can keep you under the agreed budget that if we break that promise, we insist on refunding your entire Package Fee! Have a read through all the Terms & Conditions below and get in touch if you have any questions at all! Xoxo


The Fine Print

1. This Guarantee applies to Each Package differently.
The 100% money-back guarantee applies to The Big Fat Warrior Package only. The Drawing Board Package and the Best of Both Worlds Package do not include the middle ‘planning’ services, therefore Wedding Warriors cannot control or oversee the client decisions and cannot keep the budget management in check.

Therefore, Wedding Warriors will guarantee to try its very best, with a cherry on top, to provide as much information as possible to help the client stay under budget. The Big Fat Warrior Package is the only package that falls within the scope of this 100% Money-Back Guarantee, without exception.

2. The Services Engagement Contract will not be voided by redeeming the Guarantee.
Redemption of this Guarantee does not cancel or void any part, or parts thereof, in the customer services engagement contract. Services will be provided as agreed.

3. You’ll get your refund after the wedding, once everything is tallied.
The refund will be issued in full, within 60 days after the wedding date, via bank transfer into an account of the client’s choosing. This is calculated on the overall budget, and not the individual spend per section.

4. The Budget will be decided up front and agreed on.
The budget will be arranged before any work is undertaken by Wedding Warriors and must be agreed on by both Wedding Warriors and the client. This will be recorded in writing for the safety of all parties. This will include the overall budget and will not pertain to the individual elements.

5. We’ll give you everything you need to stay under budget. If you choose to go to a vendor outside our recommendations, this will void the Guarantee.

Wedding Warriors will provide a specially chosen selection of vendors whose pricing falls within the budget. If the client then chooses an external vendor whose pricing pushes the budget over the limit, this will void the Guarantee. If the client has any specific vendors already planned, this information must be volunteered before the budget is confirmed.

6. If you over-spend now, you’ll need to under-spend later.
If the client opts for any additional services or vendors that exceed the individual vendor budget, the client understands that they will need to reduce the allocated finances elsewhere in the budget, in order to remain within the scope of the agreed budget.

(For example: If you spend $100 over budget on flowers, you’ll need to spend $100 less on something else)

7. If you simply change your mind or move the wedding date, we can’t honour the Guarantee as this may incur additional fees from suppliers.

If, for any reason, the wedding date or details are changed by the client after the budget is agreed upon, a new budget may be required, and the guarantee is unable to be redeemed by the client, thereby declaring it void.

8. If you cancel the contract, the Guarantee is void.
If the client chooses to cancel the contract with Wedding Warriors, the Guarantee is declared void.

9. The budget will only cover a specific range of planning elements.
Aspects outside the initial budget breakdown do not fall within the scope for final budget calculation, and therefore do not count towards the total overall budget. This will be discussed and agreed upon before work is undertaken by Wedding Warriors. 

(For example: The honeymoon, engagement party, Hen’s / Buck’s Parties, lingerie, and other similar items are not included in your wedding budget)

10. The Guarantee covers 100% of the package price only.
The Guarantee covers the entirety of the package fee paid by the client to Wedding Warriors. Additional expenses are not covered under any circumstances.

11. You can only claim the Guarantee ONE TIME.
The guarantee is redeemable one time only. The client cannot redeem a full or partial refund for any reason after redeeming the Guarantee once.