…so wtf is a pro planning pack & why should i care?



Your Pro Planner Pack includes a wide range of simple, yet effective checklists & spreadsheets, custom-made with love (by me!) for Wedding Warriors couples!

From an actionable & easy-to-follow Budget Tracker, to the Must Have Photo List, this pack will make your wedding planning waayyy less stressful, easy to organise & understandable for both you & your partner.

  • Trust me, you’ll totally forget your florist’s name, or the cake flavour, or the alterations address at some stage . . . but just open up your Vendor Spreadsheet & TA DAA! Life is simple again.

  • Do you want to know who’s bringing their kids? Forgot which Aunty gave you what wedding gift? Don’t stress; ‘cause it’s all in your Guest Tracker!

  • Having a wedding on private property & scared you forgot something? Whoop, there it is . . . in your DIY Backyard Wedding Checklist!

With so many helpful tools (based on 10 years of industry experience), you’ll have this whole wedding planning thing locked down!

Peace, love & pineapples,

Megan xoxo