PS - I 100% encourage you to hit the LET’S TALK button if you’re hesitating about anything at all. I’d love to have a quick chat & suss out the best option for you. With love, Megan xoxo

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Ask me ANYTHING! A 1-hour intensive session, where we’ll address all your most urgent concerns & questions, & help give you guidance for the next steps in your wedding planning! Ask me absolutely anything about your wedding! This package is designed for couples who have already started the planning process, but just need advice & guidance in a few areas. You might have 1 burning question or 10 of ‘em! During our power session, we’ll get through as much as possible, so you can continue your wedding planning with confidence & clarity.


You’re in charge! From Vendor Recommendations to Budget Breakdown, we’ve got you covered! This program is designed to efficiently & effectively help design your entire wedding in as little as 12 weeks! My step-by-step system has been custom-designed with flexibility to reflect your specific style & planning progress. Along the way, you’ll have tasks to complete between our sessions (kinda like homework, but totally fun!). Then you can relax & just count down to the day!

You’ll also get my Pro Planning Pack emailed directly to you! (click here for more info)

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We’re in the home stretch! I’ll step into your shoes 6 weeks before the big day, to continue with the final phase of wedding planning, including vendor correspondence, confirmations & attending rehearsals. You’ll also get a comprehensive runsheet of the day, & when the day comes I’ll be the Go-To Girl for all questions from vendors & guests (nobody’s bothering YOU!) & my team will sort out any issues, making sure everything goes as you planned!

HAKUNA MATATA | 12 WKs + 6 wks + WEDDING DAY | $1,997

It means NO WORRIES! The ultimate chill-out option if you say YES to being hands-on, but say NO to stress at any stage.

This package combines my 2 BEST-SELLING packages into one mega kick-ass wedding package: Signature Coaching Program AND The Final Countdown! That means zero worries for you Nearlyweds, ‘cause you’ll have advice & guidance for the first 12 weeks, plus a seamless & well-executed wedding day (over the final 6 weeks)! You’ll also get my Pro Planning Pack emailed directly to you! (click here for more info)

PS - If you do the math, you’ll see the little $500+ discount I’ve included. Shh… xoxo

HITCHED IN A HURRY | asap | $975

Affectionately called The “Oh Sh*t!” Package. So you need to plan a wedding, like YESTERDAY, but you need help pulling all the elements together? I specialise in short-term wedding planning, where we work closely together your entire wedding planned in just 6 weeks. If you’re ready to jump into wedding planning at the deep end, I’ve got floaties! We can 100% work together to create a gorgeous & strategically-designed wedding. Let me take that stress off your shoulders.

You’ll also get my Pro Planning Pack emailed directly to you! (click here for more info)