Animal Instincts

Here at Wedding Warriors we believe in using our powers for good!

We want to share our strengths, honour and love not only with our amazing tribe; but also with this great, big community we’re a part of.

If we can save you stress, time and money, whilst saving lives at the same time, we'd call that a job pretty well done!


fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves

Wedding Warriors founder Megan is seriously passionate about the welfare of animals, both local and international. So she knew that from Day One of launching the biz, integrating a charity support and awareness aspect was absolutely essential.

“When planning the biz, I knew I wanted to support & raise money for animal welfare. It’s one of my biggest driving forces, which is why a sizeable charity donation is built into the entire structure of Wedding Warriors.” – Megan (Founder)

Every single couple we help in their wedding planning journey will also be helping support our chosen Animal Welfare Charity... and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support!

At the end of each year, we announce how much our Tribe has been able to donate, with your help!