3 Things NOT to do Before Your Wedding

We hear it all the time. Couples asking "what should we do in the weeks before the wedding?" or "Have I forgotten to do something?".

So we've compiled a list of the Top 3 Things NOT to do before your wedding, just to help clear things up. You're welcome!


1. Use all your time to PLAN PLAN PLAN!


In your final few weeks as a Nearlywed, you want to make sure you are focusing on all the small details (on the daily); Think about the seating plan during work meetings, dream about the music selection at night & go over your vows while sitting on the loo. You should absolutely let the little details consume you, or else you're not doing it right!

Trust us, you definitely won't be making time for a massage, facial or manicure (and if you've already made me-time appointments, you should cancel them ahead of time). You'll be too busy re-counting the RSVPs and cross-checking with the seating chart!

For Bonus Bridal Points, recruit your entire bridal party to do the same, and create a wave of planning consciousness in the leadup to the Big Day. You'll definitely enjoy it WAY more, with that little pinch of stress & non-stop wedding mania!


2. Spend most of your time APART!


Even in the final countdown, it's important to save every penny. Lots of people suggest taking some alone time with your partner to de-stress, but it's important not to get distracted. Don't think about going on a romantic date with your other half. Who cares if it will help cement your beautiful bond before making it official.

Besides, who has the time!? As the saying goes; 'absence makes the heart grow fonder', so the less you see of each other, the more anxious you'll be right before the wedding day!

THE BIG NO-NO: Don't even think about a weekend away, or a day trip to Margaret River. That will only distract you from your focus; Wedding Planning Final Prep (See tip #1).


3. Just WING IT (in the morning)!


Since you've spent so much time planning the actual wedding itself, you don't want to spend ANY time preparing for your 'getting ready' part of the day. You can just breathe & adopt the philosophy 'what will be, will be'.
Don't prepare a getting-ready playlist on Spotify. Don't worry about snacks or tidying the living room for photos. Don't make your home or hotel room an awesome sanctuary with bubbles & candles.

If they're meant to be there; they will simply appear. The living room will clean itself (or the photographer can photoshop out the crap). The radio will probably play your favourite songs anyway.

So just relax, take a breath and don't put any thought into the day. Enjoy the mystery!



...Or, if you want to completely disregard this advice (which we think is a great idea), the Wedding Warriors tribe would love to help you create a KICK-ASS wedding day (with some actual good advice), whether it's the whole shebang, or just coordinating on-the-day (to avoid grey hairs & anxiety)



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