Unveiling the World of Veils!

Way back when…

The story of the humble veil begins wayyyy back with the Ancients, who apparently liked to present brides covered from top to toe in white, representing their purity.  The journey from then until now has taken the veil all over the world, with stories, traditions & customs galore added along the way;

From being used to hide the bride’s face in arranged marriages (lest the groom have a change of heart as he sees his wife-to-be), to disguising the bride from evil spirits.

The modern veil…

These days though, the veil is mostly just a style choice, & we kinda like it that way.

For some, there is zero doubt that a veil just ain’t happening. Easy no.

For others, the veil is an absolute must, it’s what they always dreamed of & it’s happening. Easy yes.

You might be surprised to learn though that the majority of brides are fence-sitters when it comes to the veil, & oddly enough, most of them don’t even realise they’re perched on that picket!

We’ve chatted to our bridal boutique stylist friends about this, & they all talk about the way adding a veil can so often be the icing on the cake (I know, excuse the pun!).

Imagine this. You’re out with your main gals, trying on wedding dresses & having a wonderful time. Then, you step out of the fitting room in a gown that makes you feel like a magical princess.  Your entourage gasp. You’ve got a funny fluttering feeling.  Then, the bridal consultant lays wistful layers of beautiful tulle atop your head, & all of a sudden everyone is in tears.

So often, the adding of the veil is the final touch that has brides saying “NOW I feel like a bride”.

Sure, the veil isn’t for everyone & if it’s not your style, that’s cool. But we would always encourage trying one because who knows, it might *just* be what you were looking for.

Likewise, remember that not all veils are made equal.  Long, short, one tier or two. You can have a ‘blusher’ (the bit that covers your face) or not.  You can cover your face as you walk down the aisle, or not.  Fancy some bling? No problem – there are veils adorned with sparkle.  Love lace? Sure thing, have you seen some of the incredible veils with the most incredible lace detailing?

Don’t forget the accessories…

Let’s not forget too, the accessories. Ohh, the opportunities to accessorise a veil. Sparkles, pearls, crystals & lace. Tiaras, combs, clips & grips.

The veil world is your oyster!

If you’re really not sure about the veil thing, just go for it. Ask your bridal consultant to advise (they’re amazing at picking the right accessories not just for your dress, but for your personality too). This is your wedding day, follow your heart & veil it up!

Much love,

The WW Tribe xo