What The Frock To Do With Your Dress After The Wedding

Hey now, heeey noooow, don’t dreeeeeam it’s oooooveeeer . . .


Your big day’s come & gone, & despite how incredible it was, you’ve gotta face the music … & we don’t just mean the clean-up. The gown you spent so many weeks finding / fitting / finessing catches your eye, & you’re confronted with an age-old dilemma:

bride wearing off-the-shoulder gown standing in long grass by a tree


What the hell do I do with my wedding dress now??


Surely this can’t be it? Do I just put her in a box? Is the dream really over?


Yeah okay, maybe I’m being a teensy bit melodramatic, but the life of your dress post-wedding is often an afterthought (AND a stressful one if you’re also dealing with those post-wedding blues & exhaustion).

Trust me, that’s a recipe for disaster (…in the form of a roughly-stuffed garment bag in the back of a closet, simply because it’s too much for your brain to handle right now!)


So instead of banishing your dress to Narnia, check out these options that’ll help your frock continue to rock!

In A Pickle? Preserve It!

bride running across a field at sunset with a flowy wedding dress blowing in the breeze

We’re definitely NOT against the idea of storing your dress - it’s a lovely reminder & potential heirloom for future generations

But don’t stop at just getting it dry cleaned & hanging it up. To ensure that sh*t lasts, you have to consider things like airtight seals, avoiding plastic that holds in moisture, acid-free tissue paper…

You can get it professionally stored if you’re unsure, but either way, take care now to save heartache down the line.



Give It An Alter Ego

off-the-shoulder coffee-coloured wedding gown hanging amongst purple wisteria

Why limit your wedding dress to one wear? Of course, wearing it as a bridal gown might get some strange looks in the local bar, but give the hem a chop, dye it your favourite colour, & you’ve got a brand new (& totes unique) cocktail dress that’ll bring constant joy.

 ** this is what I’ll be doing when my Big Day arrives – woohoo!! **


So now you’ve got a bunch of leftover fabric… DON’T throw it out!

Go 1 step further; take the remaining dress material & give it an entirely new lease on life - did somebody say fancy-pants throw pillows?


Bye Bye Bye Or Sell Sell Sell!

variety of pre-loved wedding dresses on display in a shop window

You know how amazing your dress made you feel, so why not cash in & sell it to help give someone else that feeling?

 There’s a huge market for once-worn beautiful quality dresses, since they’re not as pricey as off-the-rack.

Or go one better; Cash in on some karma & ‘pay it forward’. Donate your dress to a future bride who would be forever grateful


Both options mean not seeing your dress again, but knowing it’s out there spreading ALL the love is pretty freaking awesome.


 One Gal’s Treasure Is Another Gal’s Trash

bride in a pool for a trash the dress photo shoot

This trend isn’t for the faint-hearted, but there’s something so delightfully devilish about trashing your wedding dress. Whether it’s death by paint, water, mud, or fire, you’d be sending your dress off with a bang (plus we hear its oddly therapeutic), & hiring a photographer to capture its destruction will give you some seriously cool pics to look back on.


If you want to ‘trash’ it, but not permanently, obviously steer clear of fire & mud options… but I was once involved with an epic post-wedding photo shoot in the ocean!

Apart from some epic images, the dress just had 3 long soaks in the bathtub & apparently came out good as new! So you’ve got some options, ladies.

golden pineapple with wedding planner glasses


Be sure to leave a comment below if you have your own dress transformation or trashing stories/pics - nothing like a good before-and-after montage to inspire your fellow wedding warriors & help keep those post-wedding-blues at bay!

Peace, love & pineapples,

Megan xoxo

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