7 Things Bridal Shops Desperately Want You to Know!

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day, and whether you’re excited for playing dress ups or not usually a skirt wearing kinda gal, wedding dress shopping will be on your to do list, and we’ve got the top tips to see you through.

Of course, from high street to boutique you have plenty of options, but in this post we’re looking at designer gowns bought from specialist wedding dress shops.  Here’s the low down on what you need to know…


1. The Basics

  • You’ll need to book an appointment. Sure, you could just walk in, but if you want their undivided attention & a change room to yourself, call ahead & book a time slot.

  • Allow about 1 hour per appointment. It’s not long, so don’t faff about (as my mum would say) when you arrive.

  • Don’t expect to have chocolates & champagne passed around when you arrive. We always see it in the movies, but they’ve led us all astray ladies. In reality, most boutiques can’t afford to pamper every bride (AND their entourage) on the first visit. You might get the red carpet once you’ve made a deposit, or you might just get lucky, but don’t get your hopes up for the Hollywood treatment.

  • Don’t take photos. For most places, it’s against their rules. Mostly because they don’t want someone taking the photos to a dressmaker & having that exact design replicated. That’s a big no-no in the bridal industry for 2 reasons: 1) You’re ripping off someone’s unique design, & 2) You’d be totally wasting their time if you never plan on buying from them. Just be polite & considerate… #WINNING

2. Don’t leave it too late!


You may well be tempted to put off shopping or wait until you’ve lost a few kilos, but a designer gown made just for you takes a little time.   Many brides are shocked to discover that from ordering your dress, through to it arriving and having your fittings could take anything from several months to as much as a year.

If you leave it too late you risk being limited to only ‘off the peg’ frocks (some boutiques will sell their sample gowns at a reduced price) but bear in mind they only have certain styles in certain sizes and your choice will be very limited. There are no guarantees and it’s a gamble for something so important.


3. Keep an open mind

You NEED to try dresses on to see whether they suit you or not. Pictures of magazine models are a good starting point for inspiration, but you will be AMAZED at how different dresses look in real life and on different bodies.  Be open to trying different styles and shapes, even if you think you won’t like them. The vast majority of brides end up with something completely different to what they’d imagined.



4. Minimise your entourage

We get it, choosing your wedding dress is HUGE. Of course you want to have all your important peeps there. But do select your entourage carefully.  Frock shopping can get pretty overwhelming and if you’ve got an opinionated audience it can really confuse things.



5. Be prepared


You’re potentially trying on BIG-ASS dresses. You’re gonna need help with that and the bridal assistant will be accompanying you in the fitting room to get you in and out of these gorgeous gowns. Wear decent underwear and a strapless bra.

It can get HOT stepping in and out of these gowns, so pop a bottle of water in your bag to keep you feeling refreshed.

Don’t wear a face full of make-up, be mindful of your foundation ending up on these expensive sample frocks.

Take shoes that are the height you plan to wear on the day so you can get an idea of how it will feel.

Take a hairband – if you’re not sure whether you’ll wear your hair up or down it’s good to be able to have a play around and see how it changes the look.




6. Ask about the important stuff

Does the boutique include alterations in the price of the gown? Where do the alterations take place? Can they hold your gown safely in the boutique until the wedding? Will they steam it and ensure that it is pristine for you?  



7. Accessorise

If you find your perfect gown, take the opportunity to look at accessories too – veils, bridal belts, boleros, headwear and jewellery can all make a huge difference to your overall look. If it’s all too overwhelming do this straight away, just make an appointment to come back to the shop a couple of months later.



Shopping for your wedding dress is a very special thing. Relax and enjoy it!



...and if you want some top tips for the best dress vendors in Perth, give the Tribe at WW a call!

Peace, love & pineapples,

Megan xoxo