REVEALED: The Insider Tips to Choosing Your Perfect Photographer

When the vows have been said, the champers drunk and the dress packed away, the only tangible thing you have left from your wedding day is the photos. But picking the right photographer isn't easy.

Fear not, we've got 4 Insider Tips to help you choose the right tog for you!



Allow a generous budget


We get it. Weddings are expensive and you want the pretty frock, the amazing food and entertainment all day long. But think very carefully before you scrimp on your photographer. In this case it's all too often true that you get what you pay for, and you need to know you're putting the important job of capturing your wedding day into the hands of someone who is experienced, skilled and professional...


...Not Uncle Fred who gets so caught up in the moment that he forgets to take off the lens cap.

(Yep, we've actually seen this happen, for real...and no, it definitely wasn't one of our couples)




Are you the "line up and say cheese" type, or the laid back, unobtrusive candid kinda couple?

Photographers shoot as they see so it's really important that you spend some time looking at the work of various photographers.



Do you like dark and moody images,

fashion style photography,

something more vintage,

or light and crisp?


All of this will help you use the process of elimination to get your photographer shortlist sussed!


Experience, skill & professionalism


This one goes without saying, but it's super important to have in the back of your mind. Sure, it's awesome to support a newbie to the industry (everyone's gotta start somewhere right?) ... but do you want their 'practice run' to be on your Wedding Day? Are you comfortable taking a gamble when it comes to capturing the memories of your wedding day for eternity?

Anyone can grab the odd lucky shot, but can your photographer cope with changing light conditions, spontaneous moments and things going not quite to plan? Have they got back-up equipment, insurance, can they show you full wedding galleries? They need to confidently say yes to all of these things before you even consider hiring them for your Big Day!



You may not have expected this one, but believe me, if you're basically paying someone to be your own personal paparazzi for the day, you definitely need someone you click (ha!) with. Once you've got a shortlist of photographers who fit your price point and whose style you love, then it's time to get face-to-face. Most photographers are happy to meet for a coffee or even skype.

Chat with them and make sure you get along... otherwise your wedding day could be the most awkward and annoying day ever!



Of course, with Wedding Warriors by your side you'll be sure to have the very best support as you go through this process. We know the absolute BEST in the biz and we'll make sure you're not let down!



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