How NOT to be a Bridezilla in 7 Easy Steps

Know someone at risk of developing Bridezilla (OR GROOMZILLA) tendencies?

We don’t mean you, obvs, we know you’re a chilla, not a zilla. 

But we also know that wedding planning can bring out the crazy with a capital C even in brides with the coolest heads, so here’s our handy guide to avoiding bridezilla status…



1. Don’t have your buck’s & hen’s parties too close to the wedding

This is a no-brainer. Hangovers and wedding days don’t mix and it goes without saying that arriving to greet your husband-to-be at the end of the aisle to discover that his beer breath would knock out an elephant…well, it ain’t cool.


2. Make back-up plans

When it comes to the wedding stuff might go wrong. The good thing about having your amazing Wedding Warriors on board is that we are the Queens of contingency and we’ve got your back. If you’re not having a wedding planner though (*hyperventilate*) make sure you’ve got back up plans, because a ton of stress dumping on you halfway through your wedding day – also not cool!


3. Don’t tell your bridesmaids to lose weight, change their hair or cover tattoos

They’re your bridesmaids because you love them (unless you’ve been forced into choosing your second cousin twice removed to avoid upsetting a stroppy Aunt). Love them for who they are – putting pressure on to do any of the above is shameworthy.


4. Take advice with a pinch of salt

Getting engaged seems to automatically bring with it a bombardment of ‘useful’ advice. And not just from friends and family, but from complete randoms who spot your engagement ring in the supermarket queue and start imparting their wisdom. Take it all with a pinch of salt because if you don’t, it will drive you mad!


5. Perspective

This is all about you guys declaring your love to one another and making a lifelong commitment. It’s not about the shade of the napkins not matching the bridesmaids frocks to the exact shade. Those details are important to you, but in reality, as long as you guys and the celebrant turn up and you end the day married, it’s mission accomplished. The rest is a bonus!


6. Delegate

Seriously. Get help. Ideally us because, well, who wouldn’t want Wedding Warriors on their team?!  But honestly, people want to get stuck into and be a part of your day, why not let them and take some stress off your shoulders in the process?


7. Quality time

When it all feels like it’s getting too much, make a date with your beau and head off for some quality time together. Dinner, a spa, a day at the beach… whatever you guys love to do together, make some time and do it. Gaze into each others’ eyes and remember that this is all about YOU!

Happy Planning!

Love & strength from the WW Tribe xoxo