Why Hire a Wedding Planner Anyway?

"I'm happy to do it all myself. Seriously, it can't be that hard! Why would I need a Planner?"

Sound familiar??


... well some people are born organisers, greeting the world with notebook and pen, ready to embrace a task as gargantuan as wedding planning with enthusiasm and grace.

But some people just don't like organising stuff, some people are too busy, and some live far from where they’re getting hitched and the distance is a challenge.


Whatever the reason, it’s likely that if you’re not of a spreadsheet-loving type, you’ll benefit from a Wedding Planner, and here’s why...


This is what we do!

We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. We ARE those people that get excited when it comes to planning and organising. We love lists. We know how weddings work and how to give you the best day ever with zero stress.


It’s not just WHAT you know, it's WHO you know!

We’ve got the contacts, baby! The finest Perth wedding suppliers are all there in our Little Black Book, at the ready to jump in and make beautiful for your big day. Beautiful venues? Check. Amazing food? Check. The best entertainment? Check. Forget hours of trawling the internet researching a hundred photographers before losing the will and giving up. Tell us the vision of your day and we’ll play matchmaker, finding the very best suppliers for you.

Since we've got almost a decade of industry insider knowledge, we can also get you deals & discounts! Sweet!!



Flow and coordination!

It’s one thing to check off a bunch of tasks on a to-do list, but it’s entirely another to work it all out as a big picture. Negotiating timings, suppliers, adjusting timescales and making sure everything goes like clockwork – that’s the stuff we live for. What a buzz when someone’s wedding day has gone swimmingly and all the couple have had to do is immerse themselves in the day not giving a single thought to whether the ceremony ran over and whether the canapes will be ready on time.

Time is Precious!

Speaking of being 'on time', did you know the average wedding takes 250+ hours to organise? That's 30 days of full time work. Imagine taking an entire month of unpaid leave from your job to organise the Wedding Day!

One whole month of non-stop, 7-days-a-week wedding mayhem. No RDO. No me-time. No family outings. No date nights. No time for meal prep and hardly any time to pee.

That's a lot of time! 

You don't have the patience or time to do everything by yourself, so let the Pros lend a helping hand so you can keep living your life! It's what we do.


Peace of mind!


We are Team Plan B. We’ll make contingencies and have it all covered. We’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life, and make sure we’ve got the right suppliers on board to deliver it. We’ll liaise, coordinate, plan and organise. All the joys of your wedding without the stress.

We're the Warriors, so you don't become Worriers (see what we did there?)


Sounds good right?



Just remember that in life there are lots of things you can do yourself (like change a light bulb), and there are times a pro will always be needed (like a pap smear). Then there are occasions when you sometimes need expert assistance & advice.

Whether you're in the "I have no idea what I'm doing" camp, or you've already turned the garage into a wed-shed, your WW Tribe is here to lend a hand with all your Wedding Planning needs

For a friendly chat or to book the Wedding Warriors tribe to help create a kick-ass plan for YOUR awesome Wedding Day, simple call or email the team. We can't wait to meet you!

Phone: 0421 255 884

Email: hello@weddingwarriors.com.au



The WW Tribe