Old Habits Die Hard: The Weird & Wonderful History of Wedding Traditions

Where did all these original traditions come from? Tossing the bouquet, wedding rings, a white dress…There’s lots in a wedding we seem to do automatically … & there are those who love to really push these traditions into having more & more “necessary” expense.

So we thought we’d break down a few of the more common traditions, so you can decide for yourselves what you like, what needs an update, & what can be tossed along with the bouquet …

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3 Easy Steps to Writing Kick-Ass Thank You Cards

Etiquette experts insist that Thank You Cards be handwritten. Of course, you can mail merge that sh*t if you’d prefer, but if you’re old school, or you like to stick to tradition, start training those pen-holding fingers early. These 3 simple tips will help you get the job done easily & painlessly (finger cramps excepted)…

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The Essential Guide to Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Looking after the planet; we all know it’s the right thing to do… & it’s no different when it comes to weddings: Trying to be eco-friendly can quickly become a burden!

But fear not, Warriors! We’ve condensed the endless lists of facts & figures to bring you the essential 3 areas to keep green, so you can enjoy your big day without having to boot Mother Nature off the guest list!

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The Most Common WTF Wedding Moments (& How To Avoid Them)

We’d be silly to assume any wedding happens without a teensy ‘oh sh*t’ moment. That’s just life!

… BUT while some catastrophes are unique, others crop up again & again. So, encourage us all to keep our collective cool, we’re sharing our favourite 3 common WTF Wedding Moments!

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CRAZY IN LOVE // Peach & Coral Inspiration //

If you’re planning a winter wedding, but keen (as mustard) to add some zesty tones, try splashes of peach & coral! It helps add lightness, vibrancy & warmth to your whole wedding vibe. We’re CRAZY IN LOVE with this colour palette, so with the help of some amazing creatives in Perth, we organised a photo shoot at a fabulous winery in the Swan Valley…

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BOHO GLAM // Autumn Inspiration //

When planning a wedding overall design, couples often look for inspiration in the seasons… so when we created a styled vineyard shoot in moody Autumn, we did exactly that! Think warm coffee, yummy wine & golden leaves…

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TROPICAL ROMANCE // Beach Wedding Inspiration//

For couple who want a wedding with a motif, make it something that reflects you or makes you smile. This styled shoot started with a dream of PINEAPPLE CENTREPIECES! If you want some delicious LBGTQ+ tropical beach wedding goodness, with 2 brides + a dog + tropical flair, take a look at this HOT AF gallery…

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Beginner's Guide to Making Smarter Wedding Choices

Y’see, you get engaged & kick off the wedding planning full of gusto… but in typical style, our old friend DF waits for something minor before making you snap.

SO if you find yourself crumpled in a heap sobbing over five different shades of white, here’s what to do…

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